About EUROSAI Congress 2014

The Netherlands Court of Audit was proud to host the IX EUROSAI Congress. It was the meeting point for all supreme audit institutions in Europe, members of the EUROSAI community.

Innovation was the central theme in The Hague from 16-19 June 2014. When was the last time you did something for the first time? We would like to contribute to better public auditing through sharing new ways of performing with each other.

Our ambition was to give you at least two ideas which can be used in your home country and can be implemented shortly after the Congress.

IX EUROSAI Congress, 16-19 June 2014 >

Hope you enjoyed your stay in The Hague and will inspire your colleagues back home! #eurosai14

Hayo van der Wal,
Project manager
IX EUROSAI Congress 2014



News from The Hague

Four days of official proceedings, work sessions, discussion and knowledge sharing compressed to little over 6 minutes. Watch the video or read the reports of each Congress day.

EUROSAI 2014 Mindmap

The proceedings of the IXth EUROSAI Congress have been documented in a Master mindmap, including the plenary session discussions, workshop reports and keynote speakers contributions. View the EUROSAI 2014 Mindmap.

Conclusions & Recommendations

The outcome of the IX EUROSAI Congress: approved conclusions and recommendations as to how 50 European Supreme Audit Institutions will work on innovation in the next three years. Read more about  Conclusions and Recommendations.


EUROSAI is the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI). It was established in 1990 and currently has 50 members. The Netherlands took over the 3-year presidency from Portugal during the IX EUROSAI Congress.


From 16-19 June the Netherlands Court of Audit hosted the IX EUROSAI Congress in The Hague, the Netherlands. Innovation being the central theme, the Congress was an interactive experience with all manner of creative interventions and hands-on activities. There were work sessions by EUROSAI members, in which participants together found innovative solutions to the challenges facing supreme audit institutions, as well as inspirational sessions.

Congress 2.0

The Netherlands aimed at a radically different kind of congress.

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The congress organising team invited inspirational speakers from outside the SAI community to make you think about your position as an audit institution, your working methods and your role as an auditor both now and in the future. 

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In November 2013 the Netherlands Court of Audit organised Young EUROSAI (YES). The very first conference for young staff members under 36 years of European supreme audit institutions. YES will inform visitors of the IX EUROSAI Congress of the views on innovation held by younger generations and possible future leaders of EUROSAI members.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for young staff members to bring forward new ideas and to share knowledge with European peers at first hand.

Workshops YES 2013

25 Workshops in 4 rounds in 3 days: the YES Conference offered a wide range of subjects, ranging from open data to serious games and real-time auditing.

Workshop sessions >

YES team

Seven enthusiastic innovative Dutch auditors staff members of the Netherlands Court of Audit, all under 36 years old, took care of organising the YES Conference in Rotterdam November 2013. What are their experiences with innovation?

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